the history of the ROCK!

The ROCK BBS first went online in the spring of 1992 on an Intel i386SX based computer with 512KB of memory and 40MB of storage from an ST225 MFM Disk Drive.  For comparison, todays mobile devices are many, many times more powerful.  Back then it would take many hours to download a file the size of an average PDF.

The original ROCK BBS was in operation from February of 1992 until April 1994 out of a spare room in my home in Alamogordo, New Mexico.  As with most bulletin boards of the time The ROCK offered FIDONet message bases, a file section, door games and an ‘adult’ section to our users.  It enjoyed relative success and I was heavily involved in the BBS community and with the local SySop associations throughout this time.

In April of 1994 my family moved to Northern Indiana where The ROCK would undergo some changes.  While in New Mexico I had been writing communications software and produced several door games (IGMs) for the Legend of the Red Dragon doorgame so the focus of the BBS shifted to focus on programming and door games.  We changed the name to The ROCK BBS Too and joined the local SysOp association.  Later in 1994 we added a second node and took over the management of Elkhart Net, a local messaging network. The ROCK Too ran from April of 1994 until I was forced to take it down in October of 1995 because my job required more of my time.

Fast-forward five children and 25 years to find a renewed interest in ‘retro-bbs systems’ and I have once again been bitten by the bug.  We plan to again focus on door games, programming, and ANSI art.

I hope that you enjoy the BBS!